Rundus Funeral Home & Crematory Building Getting a Facelift

November 30, 2018 | Categories: Blog

For many years, families have been coming to Rundus Funeral & Crematory during some of their most difficult moments. Within our walls, they have found comfort, kindness, compassion, and the most excellent funeral and cremation services. For decades to come, we want Broomfield families to come through the doors here and instantly feel at home – as if our facility was designed with their needs and wishes in mind.

So, what goes into making sure that happens? First and foremost, it’s the people on our team – they are some of the most caring, experienced funeral and cremation service professionals you will ever meet.

The second part is, obviously, our facility . . . The visitation room, chapel, lobby, arrangement office, and reception room – they have to offer the conveniences and options you need to tell the story of your loved one’s life, while making sure your guests are cared for properly. This is as important to us as it is to you. So much so, that we have recently begun a major renovation to our already beautiful building. We are so excited about the positive changes that are coming!

Work is already underway, and the renovations are scheduled to be completed shortly after the new year. We want you to know that Rundus Funeral Home will remain open and fully operational while all of the work is being completed, and we will do all that we can to make sure it does not impact any service.

We’ve already had the excitement of “demo day” (or days . . . ), and we plan to keep you posted with the changes being made each week. Expect to see improvements like upgraded audio and visual equipment, new paint and flooring, updated lighting and décor – and even more.

The look and feel of our facility says so much about who we are as a funeral home, and we are excited about how these changes are going to increase the options and excellent service we already provide to every family who comes to us.

As always, you can contact us anytime with your funeral and preplanning needs – or questions about the renovation. Be sure to stay tuned for blog and photo updates showing our progress!

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