Not Interested in a Traditional Funeral? We Have Ideas!

May 12, 2021 | Categories: Personalization

As funeral trends change over time, so do funeral traditions. Cremation rates are steadily on the rise, and lighthearted obituaries are becoming more popular. While these trends and traditions are in place, there are no concrete rules to funeral services. Because you have the option to plan your own funeral, the way you’re remembered is in your hands.

At Rundus Funeral Home & Crematory, helping families create the most memorable services – traditional or nontraditional – is what we do best. Since we’ve been serving our community for decades, we have knowledge and experience in putting together unique ceremonies. Below are a few nontraditional funeral ideas.

1. Hold a live music memorial. Music is quite often tied to special memories, so why not incorporate your loved one’s favorites into their service? If you’re planning your own funeral, think about songs that evoke happy, uplifting memories. Then share these with your family and trusted funeral home to ensure your wishes are followed.

2. Host a feast. Nothing brings people together more than great food. This could be anything from small finger foods to a full meal – or even a catered spread from your loved one’s favorite restaurant. To make it extra special, incorporate your loved one’s favorite home-cooked recipes into the celebration.

3. Memorial Reef. Did your loved one’s appreciation for the ocean run deep? A unique idea is to have an underwater inurnment in a memorial reef. These artificial reefs are placed on the ocean floor and are made of a combination of the cremated remains and concrete. Over time, the reef will accumulate ocean life and become a home for sea creatures. This is also a great option for those who are interested in a sustainable farewell.

4. Plant a tree or decorate a memorial tree at the service. If your loved one was passionate about the environment, we’ll help you find the perfect place to plant a tree in their honor. This is a creative way to leave a lasting legacy, and the tree will only grow stronger as the years pass. They yield endless benefits, and no tree is the same. A perfect, unique end-of-life tribute!

Or, on a smaller scale, provide a memory tree for friends and family to write down and hang favorite memories of your loved one on its branches. It’s a simple way to focus on the great times from the past and remember the wonderful qualities your loved one possessed. Be sure you purchase a tree that will accommodate everyone’s contribution.

5. Volunteer in your community. When we’re grieving or going through a tough time, giving back to the community to brighten the days of others is often a mood booster. Contact your local food bank or other organizations for more information.

6. Host a movie night. If your loved one was a movie buff, host a movie night in their honor. Or try contacting your local movie theater and ask if they allow private events to book a theater room.

These are only a few of the farewell possibilities for your loved one. Whatever you have in mind, the team at Rundus Funeral Home & Crematory will assist you in creating the most personalized service. It’s a time to celebrate just how unique your loved one was, and their farewell should reflect that.

We’re also here to help you plan your own funeral to ensure your final wishes are followed. When you’re ready to create your personalized service, contact us by calling (303) 460-1414.  Or fill out our online form from the comfort of home. Choosing Rundus means choosing peace of mind.

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