Creating a Funeral Experience that Offers Healing   

September 15, 2022 | Categories: Blog, Grief

If you’ve lost someone close to you, you know how the days and weeks that follow are a blur of phone calls, paperwork, and funeral planning. Add to it a complicated mix of shock, sadness, and even guilt and life can quickly feel overwhelming.

Since many Broomfield-area families don’t have a lot of experience planning funerals, the process itself often seems daunting. Our Rundus Funeral Home team of professionals is here to help everything go smoothly. And thanks to our many years of experience serving our community during difficult times, we know exactly what to do when it comes to creating a healing experience.

One element we’ve found most helpful in the healing process is adding meaningful and personal details to the funeral service. Psychologists and grief counselors agree that a funeral not only brings home the reality and finality of death, but also gives those left behind an opportunity to gather, share memories, and support one another. What better way to commemorate a life than bringing special touches into the service?

Can funerals be emotionally difficult? Yes. Does a funeral help family and friends begin to move through their grief in a healthy way? Definitely.

When you come to Rundus Funeral Home, we will help you weave unique elements throughout the service. Keep in mind these personalization options don’t have to be feel forced. We will be there to help you identify the options that work best for your family as you begin your journey toward healing.

Consider these ideas:

Display photographs and memorabilia that reflect a life well lived. Maybe your dad was a veteran with many stories of his time serving in the Army and he saved newspaper clippings and photos he enjoyed looking back on. Or perhaps your aunt had a huge garden bounty every year, plus beloved recipes she would make and share. Adding related decorations or flowers to reflect her green thumb would remind everyone of her talents.

If your mother had a recipe she shared at holiday time, we can print it out for loved ones to take home as a keepsake, along with serving that special food at a reception.

For an avid car collector, we can arrange to park a beloved Corvette or Model A at the funeral home entrance.

No matter how you choose to customize a service, know we are always here to help you through answering your questions and making sure your wishes are carried out. We want to work with you to create the most special and fitting tribute to your loved one.

Planning a funeral is a beautiful opportunity to honor a special person. This requires time, thought, and discussion and we want families to remember they only have one opportunity to do things right. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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