3 Things We Wish You Knew About Preplanning Your Funeral

January 20, 2023 | Categories: Blog, Preplanning

Over the years, our staff members at Rundus Funeral Home have seen more and more people preplanning their funerals. Not everyone feels comfortable discussing end-of-life topics with their loved ones or funeral planning experts. We understand the sensitive nature of these topics and want families in Broomfield to know that we are here to address their concerns when it comes to making funeral prearrangements.


Here are 3 things we wish you knew about preplanning your funeral:


  1. Preplanning can help ease stress about the future.

    Putting your final wishes in writing can help both you and your family feel more at ease about the future. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved ones will have detailed instructions on how you wish to be memorialized. Knowing these important decisions have been made can help you feel confident and free up mental energy for tackling other work and life tasks. Our experienced team will walk you through every important decision and detail regarding your arrangements for the future.


  1. Preplanning allows you to make important end-of-life decisions at your own pace. 

    When you preplan your funeral with us, you can make selections about your funeral or cremation service, from the location of your final resting place to merchandise and more, according to a timeline that’s convenient for you. There’s no need to make every decision in one day. Our planning experts will advise you on each choice you make and answer any questions you may have. Some people may wish to discuss their plans with their partner or loved ones to get their feedback and input before putting things in writing. You can always change your preferences later with us should you decide you want something else.


  1. When you preplan, you can prepay. 

    Many families overspend on their loved one’s service due to the presence of intense grief and other heavy emotions. Though it’s not required that you prepay for your funeral when you preplan with us, we encourage every family to consider setting up a financial plan for their service. Your family will be relieved to know they won’t have to worry about paying for your services when the time comes.



Our planning professionals are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about preplanning a funeral or cremation with us. Contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.

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