Most Unique Personalization Requests We’ve Received

June 14, 2021 | Categories: Uncategorized

At Rundus Funeral Home, we’re experts at creating unique memorial services for loved ones around Broomfield. Here’s one example: “Dad was a runner. Anytime, any day, he was always ready to go for a run around the park. When he died, the friends he met over the years through running chose to run behind the … Read more

National Safety Month: What You Need to Know

June 11, 2021 | Categories: Uncategorized

This June, workplaces across America are recognizing National Safety Month. Here at Rundus Funeral Home & Crematory, we care greatly about our staff and the families we serve. We want everyone who enters our doors to always feel safe and comfortable and have put many protocols in place to make sure this is a reality. … Read more

Broomfield County History Review

May 24, 2021 | Categories: Blog, Historic Highlights, Uncategorized

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog series. It means so much to us that our neighbors in Broomfield care to learn about the area’s history. At Rundus Funeral Home & Crematory, we enjoy showcasing what makes our area so special! Here’s a summary of the historical figures we’ve featured.   Shep … Read more

Popular Holiday Traditions in Denver and Boulder

December 8, 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized

It’s fair to say that this year has been one that none of us could have ever predicted or expected. 2020 has been filled with loss, disappointment, and loneliness for many of us. We understand just how isolating and lonely this year has been, especially if you’re mourning the loss of a loved one. Through … Read more

Historic Highlights of Broomfield County: Mary Wright

December 7, 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized

This year has made it clearer than ever before that it’s important to look back at the past to see what lessons we can learn and utilize in our present circumstances. At Rundus Funeral Home & Crematory, we understand the importance of passing along knowledge and understanding to future generations. It’s become evident through the … Read more

Historic Highlights of Broomfield County: Broomfield Schools

July 27, 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized

At Rundus Funeral Home, all of our staff members care deeply about the Broomfield community. After all, like you, we call this city home and want to help our neighbors in any way we can. Over the years, as we’ve worked with families to plan funerals and cremations, we’ve become acutely aware of the importance of sharing our city’s history — and the importance of … Read more

Celebrating Our Renovations

February 13, 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized

When our renovations at Rundus Funeral Home & Crematory were completed, we could think of nothing better than to celebrate with the people who matter the most to us – the members of our Broomfield community. That’s why we invited our friends and neighbors to an open house and ribbon-cutting – and what a weekend … Read more